Data Mining Book Review: Analytics in a Big Data World

October 6, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · 1 Comment
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9781118892701.pdfI just finished reading the new book of Bart Baesens: Analytics in a Big Data World, the essential guide to data science and its applications. Before starting this review, let’s be clear from the very beginning: this book is not about Big Data. It neither discusses the philosophy behind Big Data, nor the technical architecture supporting it. The misleading title is the only weak point of this excellent book.

Bart has succeeded to summarize key analytics algorithms and concepts in a few sentences. Each concept is very well explained with both plain text and equations. Although very frequent, they are well explained and help understand algorithms. The book introduction is a journey into how business analytics is used nowadays. Topics such as data preparation, predictive/descriptive analytics and social network analytics are covered.

I would like to highlight the excellent backtesting digital dashboards (p. 145) with lots of practical advices. The last chapter of the book covers applications such as fraud detection, churn prediction and recommender systems among others. In conclusion, if you’re not afraid of equations and would like to get the best coverage of business analytics algorithms, this book is perfect for you!

Analytics in a Big Data World: The Essential Guide to Data Science and its Applications (Wiley and SAS Business Series)

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Analytics & Statistics for CRM, November 7th, Lausanne, Switzerland

August 29, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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Our next event will be a joint effort of the Swiss Association for Analytics (SAA) and the Swiss Statistical Society (SSS). This free afternoon event will take place November 7th and the theme is "Analytics & Statistics for CRM". Our keynote speaker is Dean Abbott, Chief Data Scientist, Smarter Remarketer, Inc. We will also have speakers from Nestlé, Aduno Gruppe, SAS, DiaSys and SandSIV. The event is sponsored… Continue reading...
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Guest post: Zach Watson

July 21, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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zachHadoop Hasn’t Killed the Enterprise Data Warehouse. In Fact, They Work Well Together.

Going on several years now, Hadoop has been touted as a replacement for traditional enterprise data warehouses, a position which has spawned debates between Hadoop providers and EDW vendors. Naturally, Hadoop vendors tout the program’s ability to store unstructured data – a resource which enterprises… Continue reading...
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Data Mining Book Review: Delivering Business Analytics

July 14, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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After the excellent book The Value of Business Analytics, Evan Stubbs publishes another book about business analytics: Delivering Business Analytics. In summary, Evan wrote a book with good practical advices, although most of them are not strictly related to analytics. Evan starts by defining "business analytics" (BA) with a clear distinction from "analytics". He continues by explaining why BA is useful (which was… Continue reading...
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Data Mining Book Review: Thinking with Data

June 27, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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twdThis short book by Max Shron is a good reference to learn about key concepts behind data-driven decision making. One of the most important notion of the book is the emphasis on asking the right question. Indeed, you shouldn't start with the data, but rather with the question (the problem to solve). The book is full of case studies which… Continue reading...

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4th Swiss Analytics Event, June 19th at 6pm, Hotel Mövenpick Lausanne

June 11, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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Interested in Forecasting & Analytics? Join us at the 4th Swiss Analytics Event! When: Thursday, June 19th at 6pm What: Free event with the topic "Forecasting & Analytics", organized by the Swiss Association for Analytics Where: Hotel Mövenpick, Avenue de Rhodanie 4, 1000 Lausanne. Parking du port d'Ouchy across the street. CFF Train Station at 1.5km. SAAevent4banner_new_small Program of the event: - Introduction, Vincent Schickel… Continue reading...
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Data Mining Book Review: Data Science for Business

June 6, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · 2 Comments
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catFoster Provost and Tom Fawcett are known for their work on fraud detection, among others. I have recently read their last book, Data Science for Business - What you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking. No suspense: it's one of the best data mining book I have ever read. Its style allow it to be read by… Continue reading... | 2 Comments
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