Job Offer: Data Scientist at Expedia (Geneva)

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We are hiring a Data Scientist in Competitive Intelligence at Expedia, Geneva. Here is an excerpt of the job offer:

Expedia ( is currently recruiting for a talented individual to aid the industry-leading Competitive Intelligence function in improving understanding of all aspects of competitors’ product supply across the Lodging line of business.
The existing team is based in Geneva and serves a critical role in directing the organization’s efforts to improve supply breadth and quality for the entire Expedia Inc. The successful candidate knows the field of Data Science and can resolve business challenges using data mining approaches. The individual knows statistics, machine learning algorithms and how to apply them to specific business problems. The chosen candidate must be able to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, own deliverables end to end, prioritize workload effectively, and thrive in a dynamic environment.

If you’re interested, apply here.

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My new job

November 3, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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Dear readers, A short post to let you know that I recently changed my job. I'm now a Data Scientist at Expedia. After 3.5 years in the Track & Trace and Authentication domains at SICPA, I will now apply data mining in the world of Online Travel Agency (OTA)! Although less frequently, the blog is still updated. These days, I often post book reviews and guest posts. However, I plan to… Continue reading...
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The 5 Most Common Data Relationships Shown Through Visualization

November 1, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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zach-watson-thumbnailToday's guest post comes from Zach Watson of TechnologyAdvice. Thanks Zach for contributing to to As the amount of data available to organizations and marketing departments grows, visualizations of that data are growing more complex. That’s not to say that data visualizations are becoming unwieldy – quite the opposite. The increasing amount of information being displayed in visual form helps… Continue reading...
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Data Mining Book Review: Analytics in a Big Data World

October 6, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · 1 Comment
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9781118892701.pdfI just finished reading the new book of Bart Baesens: Analytics in a Big Data World, the essential guide to data science and its applications. Before starting this review, let's be clear from the very beginning: this book is not about Big Data. It neither discusses the philosophy behind Big Data, nor the technical architecture supporting… Continue reading... | 1 Comment
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Analytics & Statistics for CRM, November 7th, Lausanne, Switzerland

August 29, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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Our next event will be a joint effort of the Swiss Association for Analytics (SAA) and the Swiss Statistical Society (SSS). This free afternoon event will take place November 7th and the theme is "Analytics & Statistics for CRM". Our keynote speaker is Dean Abbott, Chief Data Scientist, Smarter Remarketer, Inc. We will also have speakers from Nestlé, Aduno Gruppe, SAS, DiaSys and SandSIV. The event is sponsored… Continue reading...
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Guest post: Zach Watson

July 21, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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zachHadoop Hasn’t Killed the Enterprise Data Warehouse. In Fact, They Work Well Together.

Going on several years now, Hadoop has been touted as a replacement for traditional enterprise data warehouses, a position which has spawned debates between Hadoop providers and EDW vendors. Naturally, Hadoop vendors tout the program’s ability to store unstructured data – a resource which enterprises… Continue reading...
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Data Mining Book Review: Delivering Business Analytics

July 14, 2014 by Sandro Saitta · Leave a Comment
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After the excellent book The Value of Business Analytics, Evan Stubbs publishes another book about business analytics: Delivering Business Analytics. In summary, Evan wrote a book with good practical advices, although most of them are not strictly related to analytics. Evan starts by defining "business analytics" (BA) with a clear distinction from "analytics". He continues by explaining why BA is useful (which was… Continue reading...
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