Web Analytics Wednesday: Web Analytics, so what?

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After attending several Web Analytics Wednesday in Switzerland, it’s now time for me (as an employee of FinScore) to announce the next Swiss WAW. It is coorganized by FinScore and will take place in Geneva. If you are around, I would be pleased to meet you there.

Today, Web Analytics (WA) are essential for companies active on the web. In Europe and especially in Switzerland, Web Analytics are a new field of activity but are necessary to leverage online communication and marketing. The potential is enormous and it is time to integrate Web Analytics in every communication and marketing strategy. But Web Analytics are not enough. Measuring and analysing your online data have to be integrated with offline data and analysis.

On January 27th, we will explore what will be the future of Web Analytics and their integration with offline (customer) data.

You want to share your experience of Web Analytics with others?
Discuss about your issues and your success with other professionals?
Or you just want to get in touch with people working in the WA field?

Take this opportunity and join us January 27th, 2010 for the first Web Analytics Wednesday of the year sponsored by HIPPARCOS and FinScore (www.finscore.com).


On the agenda (to be confirmed):

* Opening words
* Use case by practitioner (speaker tbc): Web Personalization
* FinScore: Online and offline become 1
* Discussion and networking

We are happy to welcome you at this free event.

Location: Forum Cr̩dit Suisse РRue de Lausanne 17 Р1201 Geneva (Only 1 minute walk from the main train station)
Time: 17h00

It’s now time to register!

If you have any questions or need details, feel free to contact us:
Sandro Saitta
FinScore S.A.
+41 (0)21 647 77 13
Contact form

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