Trust, Risk, Reputation and Recommendation on the Web

TR4Web2009 (Trust, Risk, Reputation and Recommendation on the Web) is a workshop that will take place in Riga (Latvia) September 7, 2009. I belong to the programm committee of this workshop which is in conjuction with ADBIS’2009, the 13th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems. Here is an excerpt from the website of the workshop:

Recent years have witnessed the transition of the Web from an information repository service to a social and business platform. New, unprecedented services are available on the Web that capitalize on the social aspects of user communities. Crowd-sourcing, user-generated content, folksonomies, social computing, are all examples of services that were made possible by the recent shift in application design paradigms. Unfortunately, pseudoanonymity of Web users combined with strong financial incentives encourage many users to perform malicious activities. These activities range from relatively harmless (e.g. trolling), through irritating (e.g. spamming), up to criminal (e.g. online auction fraud). In order to protect the community of users from malevolent wrong-doers, new tools and techniques need to be developed. In particular, trust, risk and reputation management systems must be designed and implemented to enable the emergence of fairness in Web environments. In parallel with user protection, user accessibility to high quality sources in Web environments must be granted. Recommendation systems are the primary tool to allow users to access most valuable sources.

For more information, you can visit the website of TR4Web2009.


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