Top 5 Data Mining Newsletters

There are several ways to keep up-to-date about data mining. You can read new books, set a Google alert, follow your favorite data mining blogs and… subscribe to newsletters. Here are the top 5 data mining newsletter you should subscribe to:

  • KDnuggets: This is certainly the most famous and well known data mining newsletter. Gregory will regularly inform you about news, conferences, training, new software, jobs, etc.
  • SmartData Collective: A more recent, but now well established newsletter that covers everything from statistics to Big Data.
  • Information Management: This daily newsletter contains articles from several experts in the field of data management, information quality and data mining.
  • International Institute for Analytics: A newsletter with focus on events, webcasts and white papers (link at the bottom of the page).
  • Analytics e-Newsletter: News from the INFORMS association about analytics and operations research.

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  1. Hi Sandro,

    Thanks for the link to and the promotion of the IIA newsletter. I’m pleased that we’re on your radar.

    Just a note: I’d like to make a clarification for you and your readers.

    Since our founding by Jack Phillips and Tom Davenport in 2010, we have built a global network of analytics practitioners, industry experts and leading faculty. We’re proud to have SAS as one of our underwriters. However I would not go so far as to call them the sponsor of our newsletter. IIA is an independent research firm that connects analytics practitioners and industry experts so they can discuss key challenges and leading insights without bias.

    If you could please assist in clarifying this for your readers, I would appreciate it.

    Andrew Lightman
    Marketing Manager,
    The International Institute for Analytics

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