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January 28, 2009 by
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Most of you certainly know the DataScience Analytics blog, a place where great posts about data mining and statistics are written by John Aitchison. I recently wanted to contact him by e-mail and got an answer from his wife Tricia Aitchison that John suddenly died in 2008.

In the name of the readers of his blog, I would first like to give my condolences to Tricia. I had very good time chatting with John by e-mail and through his blog. I think he was very happy to share his knowledge in the field and give his personal opinion about various subjects.

Regarding his blog, I remember he started to look at his PageRank and was asking, through his blog, why it was sometime going down so strangely. He then decided to stop blogging since he believed nobody was reading his posts. But he was wrong and had several readers. He finally came back to the blogosphere and decided to blog just because he liked it. I think it is a very nice reason to blog. You can find his last post named Finding your way around R – reprise.

We miss you John.

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One Comment on Thoughts for John Aitchison

  1. Shane on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 11:16 am
  2. That’s such a shame. It was always interesting to read John’s latest thoughts; he will be sadly missed.

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