The amount of digital data created in 2010 will equal…

Dead_TwitterIf you want to impress your colleagues/friends with some huge numbers, simply use the funny comparisons made by Information Management in their article “Are You Prepared to Store All This Data?”. Here is an excerpt:

The amount of digital information created in 2010 (1.2 zettabytes) will equal:

  • The digital information created by every man, woman and child on Earth “Tweeting” continuously for 100 years;
  • 75 billion fully-loaded 16 GB Apple iPads, which would fill the entire area of Wembley; Stadium to the brim 41 times, the Mont Blanc Tunnel 84 times, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider tunnel 151 times, Beijing National Stadium 15.5 times or the Taipei 101 Tower 23 times;
  • A full-length episode of FOX TV’s “24” running continuously for 125 million years; and
  • 707 trillion copies of the more than 2,000-page U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into Law in March 2010. Stacked end to end, the documents would stretch from Earth to Pluto and back 16 times or cover every inch of the United States in paper three-feet deep.

You can read the full article here: Are You Prepared to Store All This Data?

If you have some other interesting comparisons, feel free to share.


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  1. Hi,
    That is amazing. However, behind the excitement for all data miners like myself, what percent of this amount of data is useful for the purpose of knowledge discovery? People keep using this kind of information to promote the shining outlook for career in data mining, but I beg to differ. Does this really mean a bright future for data mining? Think about it.

  2. @Yi-Chun: Good point. More data doesn’t mean more knowledge. The only thing we can guess is that it will be more complex to extract this knowledge 🙂

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