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crmI recently went to the Swiss CRM Forum (Swiss Customer Relationship Management Forum) in Zürich. The topics where all related to CRM data with, for example, data management, business intelligence and data analytics. Among other, there were people from SPSS, SAS, Teradata, SAP, Microsoft, etc. It was very interesting to discuss with these people about future trends of software such as PAWS (formerly Clementine), from SPSS and Customer Experience Analytics, from SAS.

Unfortunately, most of the presentations were in German. It seems the french part of Switzerland was not the main audience 🙂 However, I’ve attended to a very interesting presentation from eBay. This one was by chance in english. The presenter explained how eBay was using the keywords of incoming visitors to personalize their homepage. In other words, when you reach, the content of the page may depends from the keywords you have typed in Google (if you come from Google). This is clearly one of the main aspect of the Web 3.0: web recommendation and personalization.

Link to the Swiss CRM Forum.


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