Summer break

There is a long time now that DMR hasn’t been updated. But I have a good excuse. I was preparing my wedding for June 28th. I’m now married and as a honey moon I decided to serve my country and go for my compulsory annual military course (I know, it sounds very romantic). Thus, DMR will be off for a moment. I wish you good holidays if you have some or nice work if you don’t.

By the way, I just found a very interesting blog maintained by Anand Rajaraman on data mining: Datawocky. The blog has a particular emphasis on search and social media. Here is an excerpt from the About page of the blog:

In this blog, I’ll discuss data mining, but with special emphasis on the areas that I find most fascinating: search, social media, and advertising. I’ll periodically talk about data mining techniques, but more often about their consequences.

This blog started in march 2008 but has already several articles of very good quality such as How Google Measures Search Quality and More data usually beats better algorithms.

Thanks to Jonathan Maïm for pointing me to Datawocky.


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  1. Sandro,

    Congrats to you and Mrs S on the marriage! I hope you have time for a real honeymoon down the line….. Scott in Florida

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