Stealing data mining books

Google is great in so many aspects. You can look for nearly anything and find relevant information in less than a second (I should advertise for Google 🙂 The dark side of such a powerful tool? It is often referencing illegal content. You were all aware of the possibility of downloading mp3, divx and so on. But did you know about data mining books?

If like me, you cannot believe it, then just check to see it with your eyes. Google pointed out this website as having a content related to data mining (in fact it is not wrong). Before I give you the link, I want to clearly state that accessing documents from it is illegal. I give this link as information and I believe that readers of my blog are responsible enough not to access these data (here is the link).

I don’t know for you, but until today I wasn’t aware that you can steal data mining books on the web…


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