SortFix or the Search User Interface

SortFixSortFix, a quite new company, has developed a new search engine technology. The idea behind the SortFix technology is to personalize the search on internet. The main motivation for SortFix is to use a concept or question (rather than one or two words). This idea came from a study done by SortFix team. It showed that advanced searchers use more complex queries and have a better finding rate than standard users.

A search on Sortfix is usually iterative. You start with one or two words like a usual search on Google. After receiving feedback from the search engine, you can narrow your search. This is quite simple since a drag and drop interface is provided. To propose new words for their drag and drop interface, SortFix uses data mining and natural language processing algorithms.

I guess the main question is: will people use this interface? It may take you more time to perform your search, but you may find more accurate results. For more information about SortFix, simply visit their website


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  1. I like the idea behind the SortFix technology there go to personalize the search on the internet, but i like this functions can be turned on and off.

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