Smile! You have just been mined!

You think this title is a provocative one? Indeed you’re right. Data mining is a powerful tool. Therefore, the way you use the notion of mining something or (worst) someone’s behavior will certainly generate curiosity as well as anxiety. This is not justified in my blog, since you haven’t really be mined (you already knew it?). In fact, only some information of your IP address has been mined. Therefore, I’m not able to say who you are, respectable reader of my blog, but only from which town you come from. This is one of the many possibilities proposed by Google Analytics. A plot of some of the geographic connections to this blog for 2006 is given below.

Not all geographic connections are taken into account in this picture.

This function allows you to know how many people connect to your website and from where. Of course, the idea is not to look for someone precisely (to know that someone connects from New York is of no help to be honest), but rather to have a worldwide view of reader locations.


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