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For those who don’t know it, Smart Data Collective (SDC) is a well known network linking people from various fields such as CRM, BI, data warehousing, data mining, etc. SDC and Teradata are proposing a free seminar entitled “How to Boost Service, Cut Costs and Deliver Great Customer Experiences – Even in an Economic Downturn“. It takes place at 11 a.m. EST April 16, 2009. If you’re interested, feel free to register to this seminar.


Here are the kind of questions the seminar will answer:

  • How do I balance the need to control and cut costs with the need for more customer insight and improved experiences?
  • How does the current economy impact customer expectations? How does the digital era change the way customers engage with my company?
  • Where do I start? What are some of the must-have processes and technologies for engaging with customers?

Below are the key speakers:

  • David Schrader (Teradata)
  • Lisa Loftis (CRM & BI Expert)
  • Curtis Rapp (Air2Web)
  • Rebecca Bucnis (Teradata)

Click here to participate to this Smart Data Collective and Teradata free webinar. I hope you will enjoy it.

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