Small Book Review: The Online Advertising Playbook

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online-ad-playbooklg1While working in behavioral targeting (BT), I decided to learn a bit more about online advertising (OA). I bought The Online Advertising Playbook, and it was a really good choice. This book has been written by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) in 2007.

To break the suspense, the book is of excellent quality. It is well written and the concepts are clearly presented and structured in the book.

Here are the chapters of the book:

  • Targeting Approaches: A Unique Element in Online Advertising
  • Online Advertising Reach and Frequency Concepts
  • Winning Strategies in Online Advertising
  • Display Advertising Online: What to Choose?
  • The Connection of Online Search and Advertising
  • Online Shopping and Buying
  • Advertising Personally: E-mail and Word of Mouth
  • Futures

The first and final chapters are particularly interesting. In the first chapter, you will learn anything you need to know about targeted online advertising. The different targeting approaches are explained: demographic, contextual, behavioral, geographic, daypart, etc. In the final chapter, experts of online advertising give their mind about the future of this field.

The book is closed by a comprehensive glossary about online advertising. It needs to be noted since it is more than 30 pages long. As a conclusion, I would recommend this book to anybody working in online advertising or behavioral targeting. It is a must have in your library if you’re working in this field. Congratulations to the ARF team for this excellent book!

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