Small book review: Java Data Mining

Unlike usual books on data mining discussed in this blog, Java Data Mining is a book written for data mining practitioners. Even if the word Java appears in the title, practitioners of other languages or software may be interested by the first part of the book (Strategy), which is really worth reading. The other parts of the book focus on the JDM API itself (Standards), problem solving with case study (Practice) and finally evolution of standards in data mining (Wrapping Up).

Data mining is clearly defined and compared with other concepts such as OLAP. A very interesting comparison is made between data mining and gold mining. As written previously, this book is practitioner-oriented. Moreover, the focus is on data mining with customer related information. Another good thing is the data mining glossary at the end of the book which is welcomed. According to the book, automated data mining strategies are being developed at KXEN. A related discussion can be found on Data Mining Research.

References to Wikipedia are to my opinion not appropriate in a book. Recent improvements have made this encyclopedia more reliable. However, I would never use it as a serious reference since anybody can write articles on it. A strange choice has been made regarding the word data (singular instead of plural). These small details aren’t significant in regard to the quality of the book. To conclude, data mining practitioners and people using Java for data mining should really consider this book.


Recommended Reading