Sense Networks: Data Mining the Real World

Sense Networks is a society founded in 2003 which has as objective to mine real world data. Just that. Their slogan is “Indexing the real world using location data for predictive analytics“. Hum… this seems quite a big challenge. Or maybe is the sentence a little bit too marketing oriented? Here is how they describe themself:

Sense Networks has developed patent-pending machine- learning technology to index and rank real world places, based on movement data between these places at different times.

They propose two solutions. Macrosense uses data mining techniques to get useful knowledge from mobile location data and Citysense is a nightlife application for mobile.



Of course these data may give very interesting information about customers. However, the eternal question of privacy remains. Are users informed of what is done with their personal and behavioral data? What if a user doesn’t want to be part of the data to be mined? But to be honest, the project seems really impressive…

So, if like me you are curious about this company, feel free to visit their website.

Thanks to Clément Beffa for the link.


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