SAS Marketing Meeting in Zürich

eggI was in Zürich (Switzerland) last Thursday to attend the SAS Praxis Update für Marketiers (website in German). It was a very interesting afternoon where I had the opportunity to meet SAS Switzerland team as well as other people from Accenture and Deutschland Card. I also had a bit of time to discuss with Norman Webb who is CRM Consulting Practice Manager at SAS EMEA.

At this event, we briefly introduced our new product “SAS Customer Online Targeting” with the presentation named “Online and offline become 1”. I think the presentation was quite interesting since we got a lot of questions from the audience (about 40 people). The questions were really relevant ones. For example: how do we connect a web user with its CRM profile? Also, when we build data mining models, which variables are mostly used: web or CRM ones? If this is of interest to you, you can read our CXO article: Web behavior boosts customer intelligence.

Here are some points I noted from the presentations I attended in the afternoon:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) moves to CMR (Consumer Managed Relationship)
  • In 2009, the money spent for online ads exceeded TV/print ads
  • Importance of CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and CAR (Customer Analytical Record)

In definitive, it was a nice and short (half a day) event. The only drawback: it was mostly in German. Note for SAS: about 30% of Swiss people are NOT speeking German 🙂


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