Results of the poll: "Which kind of data would you like mining?"

November 28, 2008 by
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The poll is now over. Thanks to the 162 participants. The question was:

Which kind of data would you like mining?

Here are the results:

Demographic data: 14%
Search engine data: 20%
Financial data: 20%
Environmental data: 19%
Criminal data: 17%
SETI data: 9%
Cancer data: 14%
Social network data: 19%
US election data: 7%
Others: 35%

Search engine and financial data are the most trendy domains among participants. Bioinformatics is one category that has been cited for the “others” choice. I’m quite surprised by the few number of participants interested in mining data related to the US elections. Maybe due to the flood of information given by the medias…

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2 Comments on Results of the poll: "Which kind of data would you like mining?"

  1. Anonymous on Sat, 29th Nov 2008 2:08 am
  2. I find the theme of this survey illustrates one of the gaps between data mining and the needs of businesses. Why would you like to mine data without an initial goal? Even if you want to explore a particular data set why is it interesting in the first place? How about a survey on questions that might be explored through data mining? The data used are secondary….

  3. Sandro Saitta on Sun, 30th Nov 2008 9:56 pm
  4. Excellent comment! You’re right when you write that there is a gap between data mining and the real business needs.

    However, for me at least, data mining is not only a field in itself, but also a way to discover new domains. If you prefer, the question could be reformulated this way:

    “Knowing that there are business needs in all of these domains and that you can change your job tomorrow, in what domain would you like to work?”

    It is also the case that data miners can suggest new studies and thus “create” new goals.

    Regarding the survey you mentioned, I’m sure it would be very interesting…

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