Privacy in Behavioral Targeting: Poll Results

Here are the results from the poll on the privacy apects of behavioral targeting. Thanks to the 27 people who participated. The question was: “How do you feel about behavioral targeting in online advertising?“:

  • I don’t care (7%)
  • I want to be informed about the use of my profile data (11%)
  • I want to be informed about the use and to be able to access my profile data (15%)
  • I want to be able to deny behavioral targeting (and delete my profile if existing) (67%)

Of course the results are not statistically significant but they still give an indication of the different opinions on the subject. Personally I voted for the second answer (of course, I’m not objective since I work in the field of behavioral targeting). I’m quite surprised by the high percentage for the last answer, which is the most conservative one regarding our personal data. People who voted for the last answer should maybe reconsider their use of tools such as LinkedIn and Picasa, since both keep personal data even when the account is closed.


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