Poll results: How do you learn data mining?

The poll “How do you learn data mining?” is now closed. Thanks to all participants. You were 152 to answer this poll. Here are the final results:

  • Books: 22%
  • Research articles: 18%
  • Tutorials: 17%
  • Web courses: 17%
  • Related websites: 10%
  • Classroom courses: 9%
  • Wiki articles: 5%
  • Blog posts: 2%

I am not surprised to see books as a first mean of learning. This is quite normal I think. I am more surprised by the web courses that got 17%. I thought only a few people were learning through web courses (maybe I was not clear enough and by webcourses, I really mean a course you attend in front of your computer). But maybe there are a lot of people learning this way.

Finally, Wiki and blog posts are at the end of the list. Out of the fact that these are really new ways of spreading information, I think these are also the less reliable channels.


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