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Book Review: Automate This

April 4, 2016 by · Leave a Comment
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Automate-ThisAutomate This is a journey into the world of anything that can be automated, from stock picking to medical diagnosis. The author, Christopher Steiner, excels in telling stories and bringing interesting anecdotes to the reader. Although focused on the trading world, the book explores topics such as automated music creation, geopolitical analysis and poker playing.

Automate This is about the… Continue reading...


IoT and Analytics

March 6, 2016 by · 351 Comments
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IoT and Analytics, April 13th, Lausanne. Event organized by the Swiss Association for Analytics. More information and free subscription at… Continue reading... | 351 Comments


How Big Data Can Help the Little Guy Become the Big Wig

February 25, 2016 by · 13 Comments
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This is a guest post by Jeremy Sutter.


Sometimes, technically minded people feel they are not good candidates for leadership positions. Sometimes, they feel like leadership requires more people skills than they have. However, in the era of big companies and big data, that may be changing. It may be the person with the best information and the best insights into that information… Continue reading... | 13 Comments


Data Science Book Review: The Master Algorithm

February 6, 2016 by · 5 Comments
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MasterAlgoI recently received a copy of The Master Algorithm, written by Pedro Domingos, to review. While I was reading the back cover, my first impression was skepticism. Indeed, Domingos main idea in this book, is the (future) existence of a so called “Master Algorithm” which will outperform any other algorithms for any kind of tasks.

I can see you… Continue reading... | 5 Comments


Unusual Big Data Use Cases (guest post)

December 26, 2015 by · 4 Comments
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This is a guest post by Khushbu Shah from

Internet today as a collective agency is creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of date on a daily basis and nearly 90% of all of our global data has emerged in the past 2 years.

Looking from an outsider’s perspective Big Data sounds like a good thing, which it is if we can manage to effectively handle it. For… Continue reading... | 4 Comments


Data Mining Book Review: Machine Learning

November 4, 2015 by · Leave a Comment
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FlachIf you need a ML book as a teacher, Machine Learning – The art and science of algorithms that make sense of data, is definitely the one you need. It covers most ML algorithms, divided by genre (tree, rule, ensemble, etc.). From a teaching point of view, the book is quite comprehensive. From a practical point of view, some chapters… Continue reading...


Data Mining Guest Post: Jenny Richards

October 9, 2015 by · 130 Comments
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Data Mining with Salesforce Customer Relationship Management

The world is now a global marketplace thanks to the Internet, and customer relationship management is a critical part of enforcing business efficiency to enable achievement of business objectives and set a company apart from the competition. Salesforce CRM tools and strategies will only be effective if you utilize the customer information generated to anticipate and fulfill their needs, eventually leading… Continue reading... | 130 Comments


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