One year of Data Mining Research

I have started blogging in June 2006. However, I consider that the real start of Data Mining Research (DMR) was in October 2006. It is at this date that I have started posting on a regular basis. Since October 2006, DMR has also been subject to several changes. First, I think that posts have gone from a passive view of data mining related news and applications to more active opinions about data mining and ongoing research in this topic.

I am particularly happy of posts that have launched active discussions about fundamental aspects of data mining such as automated data mining. I’m also glad that people post comments and give their opinion. This is what makes Data Mining Research (DMR) alive. DMR readers come from many different places in the world as shown by the ClustrMaps picture below.

The number of visits has also increased. These days, DMR gets around 1500 unique visitors and 2600 pageviews each month. DMR has a Google PageRank of 5/10 and an Alexa Rank of around 1 million. This is quite good and shows that not only DMR has readers but also inbound links from other websites and blogs. About 30% of readers are returning visitors. Out of the search engines (which bring most of the traffic), the 6 first sources of traffic of DMR are the following:

  1. KDnuggets
  2. Abbott Analytics
  3. Matlab Data Mining
  4. Juice Analytics
  5. Quantitative Trading
  6. MineThatData

Another major change is the new layout of DMR. I try to make DMR always clearer and nicer visually. Regarding my English, I hope it is understandable enough, since it’s not my mother tongue. Small changes have also been done. They are mainly situated on the right sidebar. You can now subscribe to both RSS feed and email notification. I have a list of data mining blogs that I try to keep up to date (Blogroll). Finally a search option and data mining related news are present. I hope they facilitate the access to DMR as well as external contents. To conclude, I think DMR is doing well mainly thanks to readers and people commenting and discussing the posts. Thank you all for making Data Mining Research the blog it is!


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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Since you brought it up, let me say that I think your English is very good.


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