On the Beauty of Data Mining

When my family and my friends ask me what I plan to work on in the future, they are always surprised by my answer: A different field of application. People usually wonder why I want to change. Is there something you don’t like in your current field of application? Not at all, but I would like to discover new fields, new domains that I don’t know yet.

While passionate about the field of data mining, the application may be completely different from one job to another. I have started to apply data mining in the field of meteorology during my master thesis. I have then skipped to civil engineering for my PhD. I am now applying data mining in finance. Although I am of course not an expert in these domains, I have had the opportunity to discover them and learn a lot.

What about tomorrow? It may well be biology, web analytics or customer relationship management. Who knows? Although I don’t know yet about these fields, I may be working in one of them in the near future. That is what I call the Beauty of Data Mining. Being a data miner is one of the rare jobs were you can discover and learn new domains during your whole professional career. Take a few seconds to think about it, and you will certainly agree on the chance we have to be data miners.


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  1. Have you ever considered student data analysis? There are programs like Student Performance SnapShot that take student data, such as demographics and test scores, into reports for teachers and administrators to use to determine how well their school is doing. If you want to look at this data field more, check out http://www.studentperformance.com. Might be a new way for you to spread your wings – helping schools.

  2. Hello Jennifer,
    How about a totally new way to mine data?
    ViloX is the coolest way of ming data. The flexibility, versatility and ease of use will blow your mind.
    We are located in Louisville, and the technology was developed by a surgeon, Joseph DeBellis MD.
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