New to Data Mining ?

question_markI frequently receive e-mails and comments of people interested in data mining as a job or for their studies. Since I don’t have time to answer all the requests, I suggest readers to see the FAQ below before sending me an e-mail:

“Could you help me on a particular topic of data mining?”

For most of these questions, I suggest the reader to write on the KDnuggets forum:

Experts in all fields of data mining read this forum, so you are quite sure to obtain an answer to your question.

“How do I become a data miner?”

There are hundreds of ways to become a data miner. However, Alex Kamil has regrouped a lot of suggestions by answering the question “How do I become a data scientist?“:

“What are the most interesting topics/trends in data mining?”

A survey by KDnuggets has grouped the most important/interesting issues in data mining:

Hope this helps! Please note that I will remove all post comment related to which data mining topics to choose for a Master or a PhD.


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