New Data Mining Blogs: Radford Neal and Tim Manns

I’m pleased to welcome two new blogs in the data mining blogosphere. Radford Neal and Tim Manns have started their own blog quite recently. I have added them to the Big List and the OPML file. Here is a short description of these blogs:

  • Radford Neal’s blog: Radford Neal is a professor at the University of Toronto. He started a blog about statistics and machine learning in August this year. On his last posts, Radford writes about Maximum Likelihood Estimation, the R language drawbacks and others.
  • A Blog by Tim Manns: As defined in it’s subtitle, this blog deals with “data mining, analysing terabyte data warehouses, using SPSS Clementine, telecommunications, and other stuff“. Tim Manns started blogging in July this year and has posted about Clementine software, the iPhone and examples of codes in SQL.

I’m looking forward to read their posts and discover their opinions and ideas related to data mining.


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