New Data Mining Blogs

Here are three new data mining blogs I added to the List of Data Mining Blogs:

  • Data Mining and Reporting (Rosaria Silipo): A focus on customer intelligence and KNIME tool. Contains a lot of examples and screenshots for KNIME users.
  • Deep Data Mining (Jiang Zhou): Technical blog with a focus on Oracle. Several pieces of codes are provided for quick implementation.
  • Flux Capacitor (Fluxicon): Specialized in process mining. Several case studies are proposed to explain this field.

I wish you a nice reading and success to these data mining blogs!


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  1. Thanks for a very nice selection of blogs.

    …many people dislike statistics. Long time ago we started asking ourselves why? Bulk of our practice is around statistics. Data mining, forecasting, scorecards, fraud detection and risk management. All those areas are somehow connected to statistics. It is so relevant to what we do. That is why we asked a question!

    I occasionally write about data mining, statistics and general predictive analytics area here and here

    feel free to comment and thanks for those useful blogs…

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