New Book: Reactive Business Intelligence

bibook2Roberto Battiti recently contacted me regarding his new book “Reactive Business Intelligence, from Data to Models to Insight” (Roberto Battiti and Mauro Brunato). The book can be downloaded freely. According to the author, there will be a printed version in 2011. Here is an excerpt from the introduction section of the book:

We prefer the term Reactive Business Intelligence (RBI) to underline its practical orientation and the fast reaction implied by two basic learning components, one connecting the user to the software, a second one internal to the software, through automated and intelligent self-tuning methods. A connection between visualization and problem-solving strategies is also at the heart of RBI: the decision maker can be, and should be, in an interactive loop, rapidly reacting to first results and visualizations to direct the subsequent efforts to suit his needs and preferences.

An excerpt of the book is accessible on the web at this address: You can find information about the author here.

Update: here is the link to the printed edition of the book.


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  1. Reactive Business Intelligence is a good book for every one because it is about integrating data mining, modeling and interactive visualization, into an end-to-end discovery and continuous innovation process. That is very informative for everyone.

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