More data mining blogs

Welcome back to Data Mining Research (DMR) for those who read regularly. If you’re new to DMR, I hope you’ll find some useful posts. In addition, feel free to participate by commenting posts.

After I publish a list of data mining blogs, some people commented on their own blog (and that was the aim of the original post). Here, I want to mention two blogs related to data mining and which may interest you:

  • Oracle Data Mining and Analytics (Marcos M. Campos): His blog is focusing on the use of Oracle for data mining. It covers news, code and applications related to Oracle. Posts are usually comprehensive (and therefore quite long) and have a good balance between descriptive content and practical examples.
  • Data Strategy (Chuck Lam): This new blog (started in June) discuss data strategy in general. Data acquisition, visualization and data mining are examples of topics on this blog.

For more blogs, see the comments of the original post.


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