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I think that I good idea to begin a blog on data mining will be to give you a small book review. As everything that I will write on this blog, this book review will only involve my personal opinions.

There exists hundreds of books on what I call data mining. In fact, the first thing to do would be to clearly define what does data mining mean – what does it mean for me – and how it differs from machine learning for example. Although I will not write about that now, you should be informed on the fact that you can found different definitions in the literature (that’s why I write what does it mean for me).

An interesting topic of discussion is this one: what does the expression data mining mean for you? Does it mean making predictions? Understanding data? Getting knowledge from data?
And among all, does it sound like the term machine learning? I know that some books give quite precise definitions of both. However, I think that the everyday research meaning of the term is not so precise.

Finally, here is an overview of what is coming soon on Data Mining Research blog:

  • A small book review on Introduction to Data Mining (Tan et al. 2006)
  • An incomplete list of books concerning data mining
  • Pointers to data mining websites

Have a nice day.


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  1. Hi Sandro,
    I have a particular problem in data mining. I would like to separate the normal biological tissue from the abnormal ones. I have heard that data mining concepts can be applied there. Can we discuss on this some time.

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