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I posted an earlier version of this data mining blog list in a previously on DMR. Here is an updated version (blogs recently added to the list have the logo “new”). I will keep this version up-to-date. You can access it at any time from the DMR top bar. If you know a data mining blog that is not in this list, feel free to post a comment so I can add the link. Also, if you see any broken link, please mention it.

  • Abbott Analytics: both industry and research oriented posts covering any topic related to data mining (Will Dwinnell and Dean Abbott)
  • A Blog by Tim Manns: as defined in it’s subtitle, this blog deals with “data mining, analysing terabyte data warehouses, using SPSS Clementine, telecommunications, and other stuff” (Tim Manns).
  • AI, Data mining, Machine learning and other things (Markus Breitenbach): Markus writes about machine learning with a focus on statistics, security and AI.
  • anuradha@NumbersSpeak: A blog on analytics applications, statistics and data mining (Anuradha Sharma).
  • Blog by bruno: This blog covers a very large number of topics including web data analysis and data visualization. Bruno also has an interesting list of data exploration tools (Bruno).
  • Business Intelligence, Data Mining & Machine Learning: This blog covers data mining and related topics from a research point of view. Several conferences and workshops are announced on this blog (JoSeK).
  • Byte Mining: Articles about data mining / machine learning focused on open-source software and programming languages (Ryan Rosario).
  • CoolData blog: Analytics, predictive modeling and related cool data stuff for fundraising in higher education (Kevin MacDonell).
  • Crime Analysis and Data Mining: everything is in the title (Shyam Varan Nath)
  • DataGenetics: A blog about anything related to data, from statistics to image processing (Nick Berry)
  • Data into results: This new blog, written by a consultant in data mining, has interesting content about data mining applications. Also some book reviews (Sébastien Derivaux).
  • Datalligence: analytics/data mining, marketing research and survey programming. From the point of view of an engineer (Romakanta)
  • Data Mining and Reporting: A focus on customer intelligence and KNIME tool. Contains a lot of examples and screenshots for KNIME users (Rosaria Silipo).
  • Data Miners Blog: data analysis and visualization from an industry point of view (Data Miners Team)
  • Data Mining: A good starting point for beginners in data mining. Important data mining concepts are presented with examples of applications (Sarfaraz).
  • Data Mining, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: this blog gives news about data mining and AI very frequently (Alberto Roldan)
  • Datamining-blog: The focus of this blog is on data mining for CRM marketing. An interesting point about this blog is that it is written both in English and German (Guido Deutsch).
  • Data Mining et al.: A new blog about data mining with details on particular applications in this field (Georg Russ)
  • Data Mining Lab: the blog of the data mining laboratory at Brigham Young University, mainly about social communities and meta-learning (Data Mining Lab)
  • Data Mining Research: A place to exchange ideas and comments about data mining research and applications (Sandro Saitta)
  • Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media: a focus on data visualization and the blogosphere (Matthew Hurst)
  • Data Mining in MATLAB: posts related to the use and possibilities of Matlab for data mining related problems (Will Dwinnell)
  • Data Mining World: a new and active blog about anything related to data mining (Burcu Kalender).
  • DataSciences Analytics: discuss statistics and predictions among other interesting topics (John Aitchison) [unavailable]
  • Data Strategy: This new blog (started in June) discuss data strategy in general. Data acquisition, visualization and data mining are examples of topics (Chuck Lam)
  • Datawocky: The co-founder of Kosmix writes about data mining with a particular focus on search, social media, and advertising (Anand Rajaraman).
  • Free datasets available for download.
  • Data Wrangling: comprehensive posts on technology and news related to data mining and machine learning. Also a lot of very useful resources (Pete Skomoroch)
  • Deep Data Mining: Technical blog with a focus on Oracle. Several pieces of codes are provided for quick implementation (Jiang Zhou).
  • Diamond Information and Analytics: analytics and its applications in marketing and operations (Amaresh Tripathy)
  • FlowingData: Data visualization with a special focus on social data (Nathan Yau)
  • Flux Capacitor (Fluxicon): Specialized in process mining. Several case studies are proposed to explain this field.
  • Foraging in the Data Forest: although not updated recently, this blog has interesting posts about data visualization and statistics (Donald Farmer)
  • From Data to Decisions: A blog about analytics, analytic strategy and analytic infrastructure written by Robert Grossman from the Open Data Group.
  • Inside Data Mining: Blog written by the two authors of the excellent Data Mining Techniques in CRM, Antonios Chorianopoulos and Konstantinos Tsiptsis. The blog is about their book and data mining topics with application to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Intelligent Machines: news related to data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence (Damien François)
  • Jamie’s Junk: a blog that focus on data mining using Microsoft SQL Server (Jamie Mac)
  • Juice Analytics: data analytics with an emphasis on data visualization and corresponding tools (Juice Team)
  • Life Analytics: practical applications of data mining with a particular emphasis on text mining (Themos Kalafatis)
  • Machined Learnings: technical blog presenting algorithms for online matchmaking (Paul Mineiro).
  • Machine Learning, etc: Theory behind machine learning and news related to this field (Yaroslav Bulatov)
  • Machine Learning (Theory): a strong emphasis on theoretical aspects of machine learning (John Langford)
  • Machine Learning Thoughts: philosophical and theoretical discussions about machine learning in general (Olivier Bousquet)
  • Math Stats and Data Mining: data mining with a point of view from statistics (Rachel Graham)
  • MineThatData: data mining from the marketing point of view (Kevin Hillstrom)
  • Mininglabs: a group of researchers blogging about data mining and visualization with a particular focus on mining data from social networks and the web (the mininglab team).
  • Neural Market Trends: a blog about applications of data mining in finance with an emphasis on the RapidMiner tool (Thomas Ott)
  • No Free Hunch: the official blog of Kaggle, about statistics/forecasting competitions and data-prediction related news (Kaggle team).
  • notjustmath: analytics discussed with both general and technical posts (Daniel Krasner and contributors)
  • Nuit Blanche: a blog about matrix factorization, machine learning and big data and related events (Igor Carron)
  • Oracle Data Mining and Analytics: A blog focusing on the use of Oracle for data mining. It covers news, code and applications related to Oracle (Marcos M. Campos)
  • Radford Neal’s blog: Radford Neal writes about statistics and machine learning. Radford writes about Maximum Likelihood Estimation and the R language drawbacks among others.
  • Salford Company Blog: This is the company blog of Salford Systems with a strong focus on decision trees, CART, MARS, random forests, etc.
  • Shane’s Blog: a personal view on data mining with posts on different applications and news (Shane Butler)
  • Simplified Analytics: The blog by Sandeep Raut started in March 2011. It is about business analytics with various topics such as customer churn management, cross/up-selling, analytical tools and so on.
  • Smart (Enough) Systems: data mining and analytics (among others) for decision management (James Taylor)
  • Stats With Cats: anything related to statistics and modelling. (Charlie Kufs)
  • Text and Data Mining by practical means: data mining with a focus on text mining (Cristian Mesiano)
  • The Data Mining & Research blog: Technical blog about data mining, with several advices for researchers (Philippe Fournier-Viger).
  • Undirected Grad: a machine learning blog from a PhD student at Cambridge (Jurgen Van Gael)
  • Yet Another Machine Learning Blog: more machine learning oriented but contains a lot of useful information (Pierre Dangauthier)
  • We Can Fix That with Data: A blog from Sara Jensen Schubert, an MMO programmer. She mainly writes about data management, data mining and game design. If you like video games and maths… [unavailable]

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