Kosmix: Clustering Search Results

I’ve recently come across Kosmix, a new search engine that clusters the results by topics but also, and that’s interesting, by category (wikipedia, blog, videos, news, shopping, social networks, etc.). I am really impressed by the quality and the aggregation level of the results obtained. For a search on “data mining”, you will obtain results with such categories:

At a glance: Wikipedia excerpt
Clusters: formal science, business intelligence, computational statistics, classification algorithms, etc.
Web search
Shopping: Ebay, Amazon, etc.
News & Blogs
Facebook groups

Here is a self-description of this search engine:

Kosmix is a guide to the Web. The site (www.kosmix.com) lets users explore the Web by topic, presenting a dashboard of relevent videos, photos, news, commentary, opinion, communities and links to related topics. Kosmix’s categorization engine organizes the Internet into magazine-style topic pages, enabling people to navigate the Web…

Is Kosmix the kind of search engine what users want? Is it too complex (or powerful) to be used nowadays? These are still open questions…


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