How to use LinkedIn for data miners

linkedin-logoAfter the article How to use twitter for data miners, let me propose advices on using LinkedIn. First, you may already know that your LinkedIn account can be linked to display your tweets (see this link). Continue by adding the right keywords in your summary, so that other data miners can find you easily. Example of terms are data mining, predictive analytics, knowledge discovery and machine learning.


Continue by searching for other people with the same interests (use the same keywords as above). To introduce yourself to people you don’t know, you may use the “friend” type of connection. But in this case, don’t forget to personnalize your request message to clearly state that you work in the same area.


The next step is to participate to data mining groups, such as:

  • Advanced Business Analytics, Data Mining and Predictive Modeling
  • AnalyticBridge
  • Business Analytics
  • Customers DNA
  • Data Miners
  • Data Mining Technology
  • Data Mining, Statistics, and Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning Connection
  • Open Source Data Mining
  • SmartData Collective

Don’t hesitate to give your opinion or answer questions. Help is always appreciated and people may keep in touch with you in the future. Finally, each time you receive a visit card, add your contact to LinkedIn. In the case he is not a member of it, invite him!

These are my personal advices on using LinkedIn for data miners. Don’t hesitate to share yours!


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  1. There is a little issue with LinkedIn SEO engine. For example, if you type “data mining” twenty times on your summary area, you’ll always rank first when searching for that term. Maybe it’s not an issue afterall! Some users intelligently include the term/terms several times in a well written text and they do get ranked well.

    Anyway, the point is, I hope LinkedIn comes up with a more clever way. Maybe something like the way Google handles it.

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