Happy Birthday Data Mining Research

Today, Data Mining Research blog is celebrating its 5 years of existence. Yes, 5 years! It’s may seem young, but in the data mining blogosphere, it’s huge 🙂 So I will use this post for various thoughts.

First, I would like to thank you, the readers of Data Mining Research. As of today, DMR has more 2000+ RSS subscribers and 7000+ monthly visits. Thanks to the people who spread the word about DMR whether it is in the blogosphere, on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Also thanks to all the people who contributed to DMR, through interviews answers and guest posts.

Thanks also to the advertisers on DMR, mainly Rapid-i, NeuroXL and AnalyticBridge.

These five years was a very nice journey in the world of data mining. When I started DMR, I was doubtful about blogging. Is it useful? Can I provide some value to the field? Will I gain something from my blog? All these questions have found their answers during these five years. Sharing research ideas, highlighting interesting applications, presenting people in the field, interviewing data mining actors, reviewing data mining books and more recently pointing out specific people by allowing guest posts, discussing with experienced data miners, reacting on data mining open issues, proposing possible applications or way to solve them, etc. These are examples of the benefits of blogging, and I guess, it is the case for both the reader (you) and the writer (me) side.

Here are the five most read articles from March 1st 2009 (new hosting for the blog):

  1. List of Data Mining Blogs
  2. Top 10 Challenging problems in data mining
  3. Standardization vs normalization
  4. 10 Very Interesting People (VIP) in Data Mining
  5. Data Miners on Twitter

To celebrate the event, I have asked some readers of Data Mining Research to say a few words about this blog. Thanks to all of them:

“The Data Mining Research Blog is a wonderful resource. Sandro keeps the blog stocked with thought provoking and novel content.” (Anthony Goldbloom, Founder and CEO of Kaggle)

“Congratulations to Sandro on the 5th anniversary of his blog. 5 years means he has been writing about data mining and analytics long before it was trendy to do so! 5 more years, 5 more years, 5 more years…..” (James Taylor, CEO Decision Management Solutions, Blogs at http://jtonedm.com or @jamet123)

“Although I’ve only recently discovered the Data Mining Research blog I already consider it an excellent source for data mining news/topics and I try to check it frequently nowadays. In this context, I would like to congratulate Sandro Saitta for his excellent job” (Luis Torgo, Associate Professor of the University of Porto, data mining researcher and author of Data Mining with R)

“Over the past 5 years through his Blog “Data Mining Research”, Sandro has been very successful in identifying trends, interviewing key people of the industry and presenting in a concise way all Data Mining and Predictive Analytics related information.” (Themos Kalafatis, MSc, Predictive Analytics Consultant, http://lifeanalytics.blogspot.com)

Sandro does a nice job of offering common sense data mining tips and techniques.  Even better, Sandro shares his forum with other experts, allowing data mining professional an opportunity to discuss important topics with Sandro’s audience.  Sandro also shares important articles and posts with his audience on a frequent basis.  Unlike vendors who withhold proprietary information, Sandro is kind, sharing what he and others know on a frequent basis.  This is an important blog for people to follow.  It’s wonderful that the blog survived five years, which in real-time is like a hundred years!!” (Kevin Hillstrom, President, MineThatData)

Sandro’s blog is a first-rate, must-see data mining blog; it’s on my short-list of blogs to visit regularly. With the rise of content in the analytics blogosphere, Data Mining Research has emerged as a top blog because of the consistently high-quality content, whether it be Sandro’s perspective or insights from the thought-leaders in the space. I’m impressed by his ability to start from scratch 5 years ago to the sophisticated presence he has today (and frankly, a bit jealous!). Congratulations on the first five years, and best of success for 5 more.” (Dean Abbott, Abbott Analytics, Inc.)

Thanks to all of you! Keep reading, keep mining!

James Taylor
CEO Decision Management Solutions
Blogs at http://jtonedm.com or @jamet123

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  1. Thanks to you Sandro for these 5 years of hard (extra) work.

    I’m reading you since 2007 when you were still PhD student 😉 Your blog is always interesting and avangardist.

    Je peux juste te (nous) souhaiter de tenir encore 5 nouvelles années…

    Happy Birthday

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