Finding Chinese people

I was recently looking for an article about sensor placement on the web. Google and Google Schoolar were both not able to give me the pdf version of it (certainly because it is not free). However, I found the first author’s email on the website of the journal where the article came from. As you can imagine, it was no more valid. So I decided to find the webpage of the author to ask for a pdf version by email. That’s were the troubles started.

It is certainly easier to find information on a longer and less common name. As an example, Saitta gives 535’000 hits on Google. With a name such as Liu you get 75’000’000 hits. The problem with Chinese names is that 1) they are short 2) many people have composed nouns. This means that a name like Liu will certainly often be found among names in China. This makes the problem of finding Chinese people on the internet not straightforward to my mind.


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