Fake data mining website

It is always pleasant to discover a new data mining website or a blog discussing some data mining subjects. It is all as well unpleasant to find fake website about one of your area of interest. While reading one Google alert mail, I discover what might by an interesting data mining source under the title knowledge discovery and data mining. Before I give you the link of this website, you should know that by going on it, you will certainly make the owner earn some money (although your curiosity could overcome this small inconvenience). The website, data-mining.kheth.com, contains a lot of ads by Google. You may think that this is reasonable. Yes, but looking at the text, you can find a list of keywords: “Leadership Enterprise KM Storage Security Industries Sourcing Technology Career Budgeting CIO Executive IT Value Leadership & Management CRM E Business ERP SCM Data Storage Mining Intranet Extranet Leadership Enterprise KM […]“. Through Google ads, the owner can make money and with Google Alerts, he can catch visitors. All that for free. Since both Google and the website owner earn money, the looser is the final user.


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