Detecting fake Van Gogh

Here is yet another exciting data mining application: detecting fake paintings. According to NewScientist, researchers from the Maastricht University (Netherlands) are using data mining techniques to discover whether paintings are original or not. For example, they train a neural network on some Van Gogh’s painting to discover the trends let by its famous author. Even if this technique seems promising, the human intervention cannot be avoided. The human is still involved in the process of the training set establishment. Indeed, a human expert has once to say to the machine which painting really is an authentic one.


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  1. This sort of thing has been done with writers, as well. While is has been especially popular to apply to works of famous authors, like Shakespeare, I have wondered how well this really works and would like ot see a controlled study. It’d be interesting to see this run over a larger number of authors, with a mixed set of writings.

    -Will Dwinnell

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