Data Mining using SAS Enterprise Miner

I have recently found two new books about data mining. The author of these two books is Randall Matignon. He works at Amgen, Inc. in South San Francisco, California. He is a SAS/Microsoft Office VBA programmer with more than twenty years of experience. His expertise domains include pharmaceutical healthcare and biotechnology industries. Below is a short description of his two books.

Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise Miner

Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise Miner introduces the reader to a wide variety of data mining techniques in SAS® Enterprise Miner. This first-of-a-kind book explains the purpose of — and reasoning behind — every node that is a part of SAS® Enterprise Miner with regard to SEMMA design and SAS data mining analysis. Each chapter starts with a short introduction to the assortment of statistics that are generated from the various SAS® Enterprise Miner nodes, followed by detailed explanations of the configuration settings and the generated results that are located within each node. The end result of the author’s meticulous presentation is a well crafted study guide on the various methods that one employs to randomly sample, partition, transform, and filter the data within the process flow of SAS® Enterprise Miner. The book will explain the wide assortment of modeling designs that are available in addition to the process of assessing the various models under comparison in SAS® Enterpris e Miner v4.3.

Neural Network Modeling using SAS Enterprise Miner

Neural Network Modeling using SAS Enterprise Miner introduces the readers to a non-linear modeling design called neural network modeling using SAS Enterprise Miner. The book will also familiarize the readers with this predictive and classification methodology in statistics called neural network modeling. This book is designed in making statisticians, researchers and programmers aware of the awesome new product now available in SAS® called Enterprise Miner. This first of its kind book will reveal the strength and ease of use of the powerful new module in SAS® with step-by-step instructions in20creating a process flow diagram in preparation to data mining analysis and neural network predictive and classification modeling using SAS® Enterprise Miner v4.3.

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