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I receive several emails of people asking me what are the trends in data mining and what will be the topics of interest of tomorrow. Since I’m not myself a data mining algorithm that may predict the future, I prefer to give a list of articles that deal with data mining trends. Here is an incomplete list of articles related to the future of data mining:

  • From the application point of view, the editorial from Perner, appearing in Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (2006) is a recent resume of future trends in data mining.
  • A very comprehensive and quite long reference is the paper from Dietterich (1997) which is already ten years old.
  • The excellent paper from Fayyad and Uthurusamy contains a section about future trends in data mining. To be noted that other articles in this special issue of Communications of the ACM contain ideas about future directions for data mining.
  • Several possible applications for data mining and different topics of interest are discussed in an article by Hsu.
  • The technology-oriented article by Cios and Kurgan focuses on supporting data mining with XML and other languages and technologies.

Some articles may not be accessible without a subscription (i.e. university subscription). An earlier post about data mining trends is accessible on DMR. Feel free to comment this post with interesting articles or books about future trends in data mining.

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  1. I think the formal integration of data mining or predictive analytics into software through decision services will become more prevalent.
    For some predictions, some of which are related to data mining (and some of which are more sensible than others), check out this post on

  2. I’m not sure to understand your question. Usually, I print papers I have read. To remember it, you can just read the abstract again. For the link, just google it.

  3. I have been trying to do data mining research for a week now and this is by far the most helpful site I have found so far. Thank you.

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