Data Mining Research in 2012

Let’s come back to what happened in 2012 on Data Mining Research blog.

Several topics have been discussed during the year, for example:

In addition, several guest posts and interview have been published.

Most popular posts, in order of decreasing visits:

  1. Standardization vs. normalization
  2. Top 10 challenging data mining problems
  3. Top 5 articles in data mining
  4. List of blogs
  5. Introduction to data mining

The following books have been reviewed:

The data mining list of blogs has been updated (58 blogs listed).

Let’s finish with the statistics:

  • More than 90’000 visits
  • Around 2’880 RSS subscribers

I would like to thanks readers and RSS subscribers for their fidelity and their comments to my posts. Thanks also to the advertisers that you can see on the top and right menu. Let’s go for a new year of data mining!


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