Data Mining Research in 2011

noel2011I would like to thanks readers, subscribers and advertisers on Data Mining Research for 2011. Just a little bit of blog statistics for Data Mining Research in 2011:

  • More than 67’000 visits
  • Around 110’000 pageviews

Top 5 read content (in decreasing order):

  1. Top 10 challenging problems in data mining
  2. List of blogs
  3. Top five articles in data mining
  4. Standardization versus normalization
  5. Data miners on twitter

I hope you had some nice reading on Data Mining Research in 2011. Next year will come with new interviews of data miners, data mining book reviews, case studies, current challenges, new blogs as well as a new project I will explain you soon!

Happy new year 2012!

Sandro Saitta


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