Data Mining Research Awards 2010

awards2Like the music or the cinema, Data Mining Research has its own awards. I think it is important to congratulate people for what they do, especially if they do it well. The following awards have been attributed in a subjective way: they only reflect my own opinion for the year 2010 in the domain of data mining.

DMR People Award 2010
There are a lot of active people in the field of data mining. You can discuss with them on forums. You can read their blogs. You can also meet them in events such as PAW or KDD. Among the people I follow on a regular basis, I have elected:

Ajay Ohri

He has been very active in 2010, especially on his blog . Good work Ajay and continue sharing your experience with us!

DMR Blog Award 2010
I have followed several data mining blogs throughout 2010. Most of them are listed in the Data Mining Blog Big List. They are all of good quality and their content is very interesting. For 2010, the DMR Blog Award is given to:

Abbott’s Analytics

Although I would like to read more content, I like the diversity of posts and the opinions given by the authors, Dean Abbott and Will Dwinnell. Most of their posts give good food for thought on open issues. You can check their blog if you’re interested.

DMR Social Network Award 2010
I have participated in several social networks such as LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo! groups. I have attributed the DMR Social Network Award 2010 to the most useful social network in data mining:


This active network designed by Vincent Grandville is very useful for people involved in predictive analytics, data mining, business intelligence, etc. The main advantage over other networks is it’s targeted audience. This means that most people from the network are really interested and active in the above mentioned fields.

DMR Newsletter Award 2010
I have subscribed to several newsletters during the past years. Most of them may occasionally contain some interesting and original content. My preference goes to a very targeted and comprehensive newsletter for the DMR Newsletter Award 2010:


More than a newsletter, KDnuggets is a website with many useful resources for any data miner such as conferences, forums, seminars and much more. Any people seriously involved in data mining should consider subscribing to the services offered by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro.

DMR Book Award 2010
I put a review of most of the data mining books I read on Data Mining Research. Among my 2010 readings, I have decided to give the DMR Book Award to:

Analytics at Work

This is a fantastic book that explains how to establish analytics ideas and concepts in your company. It is very well written and give several advices to people involved in data mining. You can read the review here.

DMR Article Award 2010
In the recent years, I have read several articles related to data mining. Most of them were very interesting and I have mentioned some of them on Data Mining Research. The DMR Article Award 2010 goes to:

Data Mining in the Financial Market

This article by Thomas “Tony” Rathburn is a clear and comprehensive overview of data mining algorithms applied to finance as well as their issues. This is clearly my favorite article about the application of data mining in finance.

Here we are, the ceremony is over 🙂 I hope you liked it. Feel free to share your own awards if you like.

Thanks for reading Data Mining Research! I wish you all the best for 2011!


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  1. Thanks for the award- I am surprised people compliment me from all across the world- something which was accidental I guess. My surname is OHRI btw 😉
    All the best for a great 2011- and hope to see more data mining research articles soon (this is the TOP blog if you google data mining blog )

    Have a great one Sandro


    Ajay Ohri

    ps – I plan to come out with a book on R in 2011 via Springer- hopefully I can do your confidence some good.

  2. Dear Sandro,

    Thanks for keeping a very interesting blog.

    Given your interest in Data Mining and the R environment I dare to suggest you have a look at my book “Data Mining with R, learning with case studies” by CRC Press. It is a practical book on the use of R for data mining. It presents a series of case studies from different fields and it has an associated R package with all code and data. More details can be obtained at the book web page:

    All the best for 2011!
    Luis Torgo

  3. Hey sandro!
    Thanks for uploading a very nice blog, i was about to start a new business with data mining and data extraction, this blog has given me more knowledge about it…
    I would like you to visit my website in which i’m also providing data stuffinf, minning, migration and extraction of all kinds…

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