Data Mining Research: A Look Back on 2009

I would like to thank readers of Data Mining Research for their interests and comments through 2009. Below is a list of most viewed content this year (in decreasing order):

1. List of Data Mining Blogs: It is always very popular on DMR, the list of blogs now contains 43 data mining related blogs.

2. Data Miners on Twitter: It seems that data miners are quite active on Twitter… and that’s good news!

3. Data Mining Tools: From SAS to R/Java: The question of which language/tool to use for data mining is always important. Another important question is how to skip from one tool to another…

4. Five Reasons Why “Data Miner” is the Best Job in the World: It seems this 2nd degree post was appreciated by a lot of readers… and maybe future data miners 😉

5. Data Mining Search Engine: With more than 8000 queries in 20 months, this data mining customized search engine is used every day.

You have maybe noted that DMR has a new logo. I hope you like it. I wish you a happy new year 2010 and I’m looking forward to discussing with you here, on Data Mining Research.



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