Data Mining Poll: What Networks Do You Use?

As a data miner, or someone interested in data mining, you certainly use different resources to network with people in the field. Some of them may be websites or social networks, etc. In the poll below, you can indicate which networks or websites you are using as a data miner. This is a multiple choice poll:

Link to the poll

If you have checked the “Others” option, please add a comment to this post and indicate the specific resource you are using.


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  1. Hi Sandro,

    This was the good poll providing insight about the platform you used and it was a great help for me .Presently i am carrying out one Survey on Business intelligence best Practices & tools so i am looking for a survey which provide me an insight into the BI tools & the drivers for there competencies in the various field. So can you provide me any link/material for this . Looking for your response ASAP.


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