Data mining jobs in Europe

KDnuggets is certainly the best place to find a data mining job in US. Several opportunities are often updated. In addition, external links are given to find data mining jobs using other websites. But what about jobs in Europe? To my knowledge, there is no website specialized on data mining jobs in Europe. Of course, websites such as DataShaping can be used, since they contain such offers. However, it seems US is better covered than Europe through, for example, KDnuggets.

Thus, I have an open question to Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro: Why is there no job offers covering Europe on KDnuggets? It would be interesting to know the percentage of European vs. US readers of KDnuggets. If this percentage is not too small, it may be meaningful to propose job offers in Europe. However, the problem is perhaps that no companies send email to KDnuggets concerning job offers in Europe. This post is an open discussion to the above mentioned issue, and you are all invited to give your opinion.


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  1. So, let’s hope that, in the future, european job offers will appear on KDnuggets or a related website 🙂

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