Data Mining Interview: Meta Brown

MetaMeta Brown, General Manager of Analytics at LinguaSys, has kindly accepted to answer a few questions for Data Mining Research. I would like to thank Meta for her time and her advices in Analytics.

Data Mining Research: Who are you and what is your story?

Meta Brown: I’m a practical, plain-talking data analyst and engineer.  I use data to tell true stories, and teach others to do the same. So many of my clients do worthwhile things I could not do myself – improve medical care, provide valuable social services, create and sell useful products – that it is my pleasure to help each of them find ways to work a little better (or a lot) through analytics.

DMR: What services do you offer as a consultant in analytics?

MB: Guidance for organizations initiating or expanding analytics programs. Analytics only improves your bottom line if you begin with a realistic plan for making that happen. My role is to help you create and act on that plan, beginning with identification of goals and working backwards to define the steps you must take to meet those goals. This is an empowerment process that leaves your organization stronger, and more independent.

My availability for consulting is limited now, as my primary role is General Manager of Analytics at LinguaSys, a language technology firm. My work there is all about the coolest in text analytics.

DMR: What is the most important thing you have learned as a consultant in analytics?

MB: Consulting is valuable to those who are open to changing what they do. Others are wasting their money. Consultants have expertise, the ability to offer valuable information and advice, but only clients have the power to act on that input. Advice that is merely good, but executed brilliantly, yields far more value than brilliant advice without action.

DMR: What advice would you give to a business analytics manager?

MB: Set goals based on the primary concerns of decision makers, and make certain that most of your goals are things you’re sure you can do well and on time. Break up big goals into bite-size goals, and document your success as you go. This ensures survival, and leaves a little room for risk.

You can find more information about Meta Brown on her website:


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