Data Mining Forums and Groups

I regularly receive e-mails about data mining questions, both general and specific. When I can, I answer to these questions directly. Otherwise, I suggest some data mining forums or groups where the sender can put his question. Today, I decided to give a list of existing forums that are related to data mining:

These forums are listed in no specific order. Also, remind that you can use the Data Mining Search Engine to find information specific to data mining. Feel free to post a comment if you would like to contribute to the data mining forum list.


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  1. Hi Steffen! Thanks for the additional link. I have heard about RapidMiner. Is it a good tool? Do you know the advantages/drawbacks with WEKA and YALE for example?

  2. Hello Sandro

    @discussion: I looked around the forums, but none of them is quite active…why it is so hard for a datamining related community site to reach the critical mass ? Analytic Bridge does not count in my eyes, because I am looking around for a … students audience which is willing to discuss basic problems … on analyticbridge I am always afraid to post non-high-level questions…
    I am always eager to help other people with their problems, but I am missing interesting discussions…

  3. @RapidMiner

    -stable and reliable learning algorithms (including those of weka :P)
    -company behind which reacts quickly on bug reports
    -xml-based processfiles for easy interchange / reproducability
    -easy to extend (Java)

    -No scripting operator – although it is easy to extend it is sometimes time consuming to perform simple ideas…because of this I am currently prototyping in R and coding my final algorithms in Java
    -the internal representation of discrete values is pain .. but they are going to change this

  4. Steffen, thanks for your recommendations regarding RapidMiner.

    About the forums, a good one is KDnuggets, but it is true that in overall, the community is not very active on forums.

    I have already thought of starting a new data mining forum. Maybe I will try once…

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