Data mining for terrorism: is it working?

Some people think that data mining can be used for terrorism and other not.
A team of researchers at Queen’s University think that the first case is the most likely to be true. An interesting article about their work can be found here. Although not technical, this article explains that the lab uses data mining for terrorism among others. The Prof. of the lab even states that “sophisticated data mining is likely the most promising way of combating small and irregular terrorist groups“. This team strongly believes that data mining can be used for terrorism. We will see in a future post, that some people do not agree at all. Meanwhile, you can have a look at this post on Abbott Analytics.


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  1. Very interesting post. I found the quote “Using sophisticated computerized screening programs” to be the crux of the argument. In other words, it is the automation of screening millions of transactions in ways human analysts cannot do that is the real innovation. Of course the question is this: is there sufficient information to identify with any reasonably high confidence that a event or pattern is linked to a terrorist group.

    I personally believe this should be tried, but also believe it is a very tough row to hoe.

    Thanks for alerting us to the article!

  2. It is very interesting to see how the topic of data mining against terrorism is subject to discussion. Today, I write about Jonas’ paper which shows the other side of the coin…

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