Data Mining Book Review: The New Era of Enterprise Business Intelligence

MikeBiereMike Biere is the author of the book reviewed today on Data Mining Research. This recent book (2011) focuses on building and deploying BI in the company. The subtitle of the book is misleading: “Using Analytics to Achieve a Global Competitive Advantage”. Let’s be clear on the fact that the book deals with BI and not at all with analytics (statistics, data mining, etc.). One can only read a few general words about text mining. If I could suggest a new subtitle, it would be “A Personal Journey” since this is really what the book is about (without negative connotation). Several personal comments are really interesting.

Although the book is easy to read, the style is sometimes awkward. The use of terms such as “folks” regarding the reader is strange. The book is mainly a succession of paragraphs that are not always clearly linked together. My main concern is about the several copy/paste from Wikipedia within the book. Why not just adding a link to Wikipedia as a reference?

As it is often the case with BI experts, Mike Biere considers BI as the center point, surrounded by data mining, data quality, master data management and so on. The author makes a clear distinction between BI and data warehouse. One of the most interesting part of the book (chapter 9) describes key influencers in the enterprise. Several excellent checklists for BI planning are given at the end of the book.

To conclude, Biere is clearly an expert in BI and his book proves it. The style of writing may be surprising but personal comments are really interesting. Not directly related to analytics and full of Wikipedia contents, this book is still a good entrance door to the field of business intelligence.

The New Era of Enterprise Business Intelligence: Using Analytics to Achieve a Global Competitive Advantage


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