Data Mining Book Review: PMML in Action

pmml_in_actionDo you know HTML, the common standard for web pages? PMML is the same idea applied to data mining. PMML stands for Predictive Model Markup Language. It is a standard using XML notation to deploy data mining model in the industry. PMML standard comprises data pre-processing and modelling.

The book contains a good (but short) introduction to the standard. Only a few schemas about the various steps of the process are given. Most of the book focuses on the different parts of the standard, illustrated with code snippets.  The main objective of this standard is to reduce time to market when deploying data mining solutions.

PMML_LogoThe book is really useful if you want to deploy your solution using PMML. If you are interested to know more about this standard, this is not the right book (but maybe the only one?). It contains a lot of code, but no case study. This would have been a plus, since most of the material can certainly be found on the web.

PMML in Action (2nd Edition): Unleashing the Power of Open Standards for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics


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  1. Hi Sandro,

    Thanks for the candid review of our book. You are right, it is mostly intended for people who want to start using PMML to deploy their predictive models. The introduction was actually beefed up on the 2nd edition to describe the business need for an open standard such as PMML. If you are interested in learning more about that though (how PMML fits into the world of predictive analytics – use cases), please check the following series of articles published on the IBM developerWorks website:

    In addition, a PMML talk I gave at LinkedIn for the ACM Data Mining group is now available on YouTube. The link is:

    Hope the articles and the talk will give you and all the PMML users and enthusiasts out there a better overview of its role and importance in predictive analytics.

    Kind regards,


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