Data Mining Book Review: Delivering Business Analytics

After the excellent book The Value of Business Analytics, Evan Stubbs publishes another book about business analytics: Delivering Business Analytics. In summary, Evan wrote a book with good practical advices, although most of them are not strictly related to analytics.

Evan starts by defining “business analytics” (BA) with a clear distinction from “analytics”. He continues by explaining why BA is useful (which was the subject of his previous book). The book subtitle is well chosen since the book is really about a set of guidelines, given one after the other. This makes also the book a little difficult to read from A to Z. There is no story to drive the reader.

To be noted an excellent section about churn management which discusses the often avoided “when” do people quit a service. A few pictures and schema would have been appreciated to better assimilate presented concepts. Another nice section is the one discussing classification accuracy versus ROI. I found the last third of the book much more interesting since very specific to BA. To conclude, Evan’s book is a useful set of guidelines, which can be read independently.

Delivering Business Analytics: Practical Guidelines for Best Practice


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