Data Mining Book Review: Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server 2008

MicrosoftDMIf you are using Microsoft data mining tools, this book is a must have. Written by MacLennan, Tang and Crivat, it describes how to perform data mining using SQL Server 2008. The book is huge – more than 630 pages – but it is normal since authors give detailed explanation for each data mining function. The book covers topics such as general data mining concepts, DMX, Excel add-ins, OLAP cubes, data mining architecture and many more. The seven data mining algorithms included in the tool are described in separate chapters.

The book is well written, so it can be read from A to Z or by selecting specific chapters. Each theoretical concept is explained through examples. Using screenshots, each step of a given method is presented in details. It is thus more a user manual than a book explaining data mining concepts. Don’t expect to read any detailed algorithms or equations. A good surprise of the book are the case studies. They are present in most chapters and show real examples and how to solve them. It really shows the experience of the authors in the field.

The book also contains a lot of code for SQL Server programmers to directly implement the proposed methods. The book explains how to add your own code (plug-in) and use existing models (PMML). To conclude, this book is a comprehensive user manual about data mining functionalities of Microsoft SQL Server. More than that, it describe each method in details and propose very interesting data mining case studies.

Data Mining with Microsoft SQL Server 2008


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  1. A big thanks for your review on this book. Since I don’t have much knowledge with data mining tools I have been searching for a book to help me with my new project which uses Microsoft data mining tools with SQL server 2008. I will definitely refer this book.

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